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Squirt a Gator

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Product specification - Squirt a Gator

Product's availabilityavailable
Dimensions (DxWxH)193x100x239 cm
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Description Squirt a Gator

Get the Gator before it gets you

  • One of industry’s first self redemption water game
  • 2 player watery, family-fun, skill game
  • Cute dinosaur water guns that kids love to squirt
  • Squirt the gators back into their holes to win prize capsules
  • Fill up the prize light to win a great prize
  • Colourful and fun-filled cabinet design
  • Water based game which children adore

How to Play:

  • Use the water guns to squirt back the gators
  • Points /tickets rewarded for every gator that is squirted back into the hole
  • Timer countdown shows time left to play