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Lost Land Adventure

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Product specification - Lost Land Adventure

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Dimensions (DxWxH)232x282x232cm
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Description Lost Land Adventure

Players join Jack, a treasure hunter, in an expedition into remote locations in search of hidden treasures. The treasures on the map will not be easy to retrieve as many obstacles and creatures stand in the way. Players will have to use quick reflexes to blast away enemies all around the almost 180 degree curved screen. Players of the first two-player dome screen game will also have to solve puzzles in the game to advance. With four selectable stages, players can choose their own adventure and save their progress with the PIN System; a first for shooting games. Completing all four stages will unlock an additional fifth stage. Upon completion of the game, players are treated to alternate endings based on the jewels and treasures collected throughout the game.



1of5: 97x143x206cm - 182kg

2of5: 102x122x188cm - 120kg

3of5: 117x234x122cm - 155kg

4of5: 102x173x112cm - 66kg

5of5: 102x122x206cm - 146kg