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Ring Toss


Product specification - Ring Toss

Dimensions (DxWxH)259x99x239 cm
Weight329 kg
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Description Ring Toss

Tossing a ring onto a bottle is a game that has been around for ages but now you can bring it into the 21st century with Ring Toss 

As the name says, playing Ring Toss is as easy as it sounds, offering truly timeless gameplay. Once the game begins, you have a limited amount of time and rings to throw onto the 46 target bottles. Bottles that are further back are worth more points than those that are closer while certain bottles will blink to indicate a possible bonus! An HD video display is also built into the back of the game to show current scoring information.

Ring Toss Features:

– A timeless game with a modern design

– Attractive circus tent top

– Skill-based gameplay

– Mesmerizing RGB LED lighting effects channel through the translucent bottles

– Forty-six (46) total bottles built into the playfield

– Easy for anyone to play – just toss the rings and get them onto as many bottles as possible

– Automatic ring removal & reloading system

– Vertically mounted HD display shows bottles that have been ringed as well as scoring & timing info

–  Ships with a ticket dispenser & standard coin door. Card swipe ready