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Cashless Nayax solution


Product specification - Cashless Nayax solution

ManufacturerMagic Play
Product's availabilityavailable
Powerintegrated with machine
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Description Cashless Nayax solution

Leading the way in creating a cashless society

These days fewer people carry and use cash while Generation Z is more comfortable using digital solutions to pay for services and products. Cashless payments are not the future, they’re the present.

When you add one of Nayax’s cashless solutions offering an array of cashless possibilities you’ll see an increase in consumers, and up to 25% increase in revenue.  Operators also gain the ability to offer loyalty campaigns, increase consumer interaction and reduce their cash handling costs



Multiple payment methods: By adding cashless transaction technology operators offer consumers a more convenient way to pay, including:

  • Credit cards and debit cards – contact & contactless
  • Prepaid cards for prepaid environments such as office, university and workplace
  • Mobile payments and bank wallets
  • QR code payment apps
  • NFC mobile wallets like Apple Pay, Android Pay, Google Pay