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Men in Black


Product specification - Men in Black

Dimensions (DxWxH)150cm x 175cm x 250cm
Packing116cm x 185cm x 219cm, 434kg
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Description Men in Black

Men in Black is Sega Amusements International’s explosive new skill-based video redemption game. Presented in a stunning, new, retro-futuristic cabinet that takes design cues from the iconic MIB headquarters. The cabinet features an amazing chrome UFO billboard lit with animated LEDs, a “infinity mirror” and “Neuralyzer” prop. The dual Tri-Barrel Plasma Guns are straight out of the movies and is sure to attract players of all ages.

The gameplay is both fun and exciting, as players take on the roles of Agent N and Agent V to take down aliens to win tickets. They must collect powerful weapons to stay alive and defeat the final boss. Scoring over 1,000 points awards players the big ticket “Super Bonus”.

Men in Black features iconic aliens, weapons and locations from the Men in Black franchise. Multiple locations and scenarios are designed to keep players coming back for more. Missions, routes, enemies and bosses change every time you play, creating a challenging yet fun gameplay experience that excites players every time. The end of each game, players are teased with the next mission to encourage repeat play.

Men In BlackTM: TM & © 2021 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Stunning retro-futuristic upright cabinet design

Huge chrome UFO billboard with Neuralyzer prop and lit MIB logo

Wide range of Iconic enemies, locations and missions from the Men in Black franchise

All new Tri-Barrel Plasma Guns with dual recoil system

Extensive animated and reactive cabinet led lighting

Animated MIB "infinity mirror" control panel

2 player skill-based video redemption game

Impressive, immersive 2.1 audio with 12” subwoofer

90 Second gameplay

55" HD LED Screen.

Languages: English, Spanish, Turkish