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OverTake VR


Product specification - OverTake VR

Dimensions (DxWxH)297 cm x 137cm x 210cm
Packing1x 77x112x213cm, 1x 126x218x192cm
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Description OverTake VR

Overtake VR is a street racing video arcade game with a focus on replay value and variation. The VR edition has been enhanced to play from the first person view and adds a female companion to the passenger’s seat. Feel like you are racing a stunt car in an action movie as you avoid destructive events like collapsing buildings, rockslides, fighter jets, and more!

Overtake allows you to pick from six licensed Ford vehicles, which can be modified from bumper-to-bumper. Race well and earn performance packs that boost the performance of your car. The game also features diverse track combinations by using a “Time Tunnel” feature. With 12 base tracks, the tunnel breaks the courses into different sections so that each time you race, you can experience a different race! This increases replay value as players can come across hundreds of different racing tracks. Use the Turbo Jet Boost to get ahead just enough to make the difference.

Being a VR game, this also works without needing an attendant. Using HTC Vive headsets, the experience is enhanced with wind effects and surround sound.


– Exclusive racing title for arcades

– HTC Vive headsets for rapid response times and superb quality

– Wind blower to further immerse players in the action

– Controls Include: Force feedback steering wheel; gas/brake pedals; View & Boost buttons; Keypad

– 12 tracks with sections broken up between “Time Tunnels” for hundreds of track combinations

– Six different licensed Ford cars to race with; modify your cars and enhance their performance!

– Race Mode & Time Trial modes

– The stellar & smooth 3D graphics are shown on a 42″ HD display

– Booming sound system with special vibration feedback built into the seat

– Link up to 4 units for multiplayer matches!

– Ships with a standard 1-slot coin door.