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OverTake DX


Product specification - OverTake DX

Dimensions (DxWxH)222cm x 128cm x 255cm
Packing1x 68cm x 132cm x 208cm, 304kg, 1x 167cm x 120cm x 166cm, 296kg
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Description OverTake DX

Overtake is an excellent street racing video arcade game, with a focus on replay value and variation. Fell like you are racing a stunt car in an action movie as you must avoid destructive events like a collapsing building and more!

Overtake allows you to pick from six licensed Ford vehicles, which can be modified from bumper-to-bumper. Race well and earn performance packs that boost the performance of your car. Save your progress using the built-in PIN keypad system.

The game also features diverse track combinations by using a “Time Tunnel” feature. With 12 base tracks, the tunnel breaks the courses into different sections so that each time you race, you can experience a different race! This increases replay value as players can come across hundreds of different racing tracks. Use the Turbo Jet Boost to get ahead just enough to make the difference.


– Exclusive racing title for arcades

– Controls Include: Force feedback steering wheel; gas/brake pedals; View & Boost buttons; Keypad

– 12 tracks with sections broken up between “Time Tunnels” for hundreds of track combinations

– Six different licensed Ford cars to race with; modify your cars and enhance their performance!

– Race Mode & Time Trial modes

– The stellar & smooth 3D graphics are shown on a 42″ HD display

– Booming sound system with special vibration feedback built into the seat

– Link up to 4 units for multiplayer matches!

– Ships with a standard 1-slot coin door.