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PAC-MAN Battle Royale Chompionship

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Product specification - PAC-MAN Battle Royale Chompionship

ManufacturerBandai Namco
Dimensions (DxWxH)114 x 88 x 229cm
Packing107 x 147 x 226cm
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Description PAC-MAN Battle Royale Chompionship

Battle Royale CHOMPionship's premise is roughly the same as the original Pac-Man Battle Royale, though appears to be coded from scratch (rather than being a pure variant of the first game). The game has various new features and additions:

  • The game supports up to eight players instead of four.
  • The Pac-Men are colored yellow, pink, dark blue, red, green, orange, light blue, and purple.
  • The game is faster-paced, speeding up aspects such as eating ghosts.
  • There are ten brand-new power-ups, with various unique functions. The power-ups bounce around the maze, similar to Ms. Pac-Man
  • Players have multiple lives per round.
  • Each player has a score counter, and the game has a high score leaderboard. The original Battle Royale did not have a proper score system, and the feature was reportedly added to CHOMPionship based on fans' feedback.
  • If a player loses track of their Pac-Man in gameplay, they can press the fire button to highlight where the Pac-Man is on-screen.


Gold Power Pellet: Allows Pac-Man to eat the ghosts.

Green Super Pellet: Makes Pac-Man big. Allows Pac-Man to eat both ghosts and other Pac-Men.

Caffeine: Boosts Pac-Man's speed.

Smoke Bomb: Releases a smoke explosion that slows down ghosts.

Banana Peel: Causes Pac-Man to slip and skid uncontrollably.

Lightning: Zaps nearby ghosts or other Pac-Men.

Ghost Sheet: Makes Pac-Man invisible to ghosts.

Chili Pepper: Burns nearby ghosts or other Pac-Men.

Earthquake: Causes all players to slow down.

1UP: Adds one life.

Ghost Magnet: Allows Pac-Man to pick up ghosts and carry them around as a weapon.