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Hero of Steel II


Product specification - Hero of Steel II

ManufacturerAce Amusement
Dimensions (DxWxH)254 x 107 x 228cm
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Description Hero of Steel II

Earth is under attack! Can you stop the hordes of robotic monsters from their assault with your trusty water cannon?

Hero of Steel is a 1-2 player sit-down water cannon arcade game by Coast To Coast Entertainment. At the player’s disposal is a real, high velocity water gun that makes for a striking and unique entertainment experience that gamers cannot get at home.

Simply aim and pull the trigger to activate the stream; keep an eye out for power-ups to activate the big jet that fires several streams of water at once onto the screen. The aim is controlled via potentiometers within the gun, and the screen itself is protected by a thick piece of plexiglass.

All of the water is recycled and filtered, while the components are properly protected to prevent any electrical shorts or water damage.