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Capto Candy


Product specification - Capto Candy

Dimensions (DxWxH)84 x 82 x 209cm
Packing100 x 100 x 220cm, 144kg
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Description Capto Candy


Capto Candy is the latest sensation in the world of sweet cranes. The stunning new animated lighting feature will leave your guests in awe! The vivid parallel edge lighting, which defines its iconic appearance, can now switch between five captivating colours: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, and Pink. Furthermore, the 3D header takes it up a notch by animating each letter, creating a mesmerising gradient lighting effect that is simply stunning. The dazzling, candy-themed artwork is designed to capture the attention of players in any venue.

Capto Candy's compact size makes it the perfect addition to arcades, shopping malls, motorway services, and just about any other location you can imagine! It's an easy-to-use single-player crane that can be restocked effortlessly, ensuring endless hours of fun for everyone. With the "Win Every Time" mode, players always leave with a sweet treat and a smile on their faces!

  • Mesmerizing 3D header lighting with gradient effects
  • Iconic colour-changing edge lighting
  • Five lighting colours - Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and Pink
  • Small footprint game that’s ideal for all locations
  • Easy to re-stock and operate
  • Win Every Time mode.