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Aliens Armageddon™ 42" & 55"

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Product specification - Aliens Armageddon™ 42" & 55"

ManufacturerRaw Thrills
Product's availabilitypre-order
Dimensions (DxWxH)153x135x280cm
Packing140x87x224cm – 220kg | 84x120x118cm – 84kg
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Description Aliens Armageddon™ 42" & 55"

In Aliens Armageddon, you fight the plague of Xenomorphs that floods the earth, starting a real apocalypse. Humanity's only chance is to escape to a spaceship and leave Earth.

Aliens Armageddon is available in two cabinet versions: 42 "inch version with fixed rifles and the Deluxe version with 55" screen and handheld rifles.

The game is divided into 4 levels full of continuous action and non-stop shooting. And shooting is even more fun thanks to carabiners equipped with the Force Feedback system.

This amusement game is coin-op machine

Aliens Armageddon ™ 55 ″

-Deluxe model comes standard with a massive 55 inch HD LCD display
-42 Inch mounted gun version available
-4 Chapters
-Force feedback guns
-Cabinet lighting synchronized with in-game actions
-Cutting edge graphics and sound
-Lighted multi-layer alien topper
-Online Leaderboards

Aliens Armageddon™ 55″
Dimensions (DxWxH): 153x135x280cm
Packing dimensions:
1of2: 140x87x224cm – 220kg
2of2: 84x120x118cm – 84kg

Aliens Armageddon™ 42″ with fixed guns
Dimensions (DxWxH): 132x107x250cm
Packing dimensions 115x140x190cm – 213kg