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Dark Escape 4D

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Product specification - Dark Escape 4D

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Dimensions (DxWxH)244x160x226cm
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Description Dark Escape 4D

Ready or not, it's time to face your fears in Namco's showpiece horror shooter, Dark Escape 4D.

Dark Escape 4D is an exclusive arcade title that is in a class of its own. Wearing 3D goggles with an anti-bacterial coating, players attempt to escape a madman's sick and twisted game by trying to get out of it using only the weapons he provides. Each stage is based around a phobia, with five phobias that must be faced in order to move on.

They must then face grotesque experimental creatures and the undead to survive. A bonus fifth stage is available after completing all four stages.

What makes this a '4D' style experience are the hardware features, which are ideal for an arcade setting. Firstly, the game is housed in an attractive 'theatre' case that can accommodate two people. Graphics are displayed on a 46-inch HD 3D stereoscopic screen.

Players can turn off the 3D at the touch of a button; otherwise they simply wear 3D glasses attached to the seat. Then each user has their own 5.1-channel surround sound speakers to completely surround them with the terrifying audio environment the game provides.


But it certainly doesn't stop there.... THE GAME KNOWS WHEN YOU'RE SCARED! In order to progress and use weapons, players must stick to the mounted controls, each of which uses a panic sensor to display each player's heart rate on screen. This sensor also records the 'panic attacks' experienced through the tense situations Dark Escape puts in their path.

Game features:

- Available exclusively in arcades with a fascinating "4D" interactive experience that scares like no other.

- Incredibly detailed horror-themed jukebox

- Heart-pumping action for 1-2 players using force feedback guns.

- 4D features: Stereoscopic 3D screen (user-switchable 2D/3D) + anti-bacterial passive 3D glasses; heart rate/panic sensors; 5.1-channel surround sound per player; rumble seat; air blowers

- Five terrifying phobia-based stages

- State-of-the-art graphics displayed on 47" HD screen

- Red label meaning realistic violence, powerful

- Harness your customers' desire for the thrill of horror

- Supplied with standard 2-slot coin-operated door; card-ready

Package dimensions:

1z3: 107x150x208cm - 280kg

2z3: 92x150x130cm - 157kg

3z3: 84x150x208cm - 243kg