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Deadstrom Pirates

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Product specification - Deadstrom Pirates

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Dimensions (DxWxH)242x163x230cm
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Description Deadstrom Pirates

Deadstorm Pirates SDX Model is a game in a closed cabinet, for one or two players. The game offers gameplay with the help of light pistols equipped with force feedback and a unique wheel that controls the selection of action sequences and the so-called quick time events during the game. In addition, the device is equipped with a Digital Surround 5.1 sound system and a 54-inch monitor!

Players take on the role of pirates and have the task of defeating their opponents with machine guns and cannons. In the center of the desktop there is a controller that allows you to steer the ship's direction during certain game sequences.

When playing in co-op, players shooting at one point causes much greater damage and allows you to fight large opponents more effectively. Thanks to this, players not only focus on "their" half of the screen, but actively react to the events of the entire game.


Packing dimensions (DxWxH):

1of3: 196x125x201cm - 244kg

2of3: 155x106x201cm - 209kg

3of3: 84x155x201cm - 242kg