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UFO Crane

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Product specification - UFO Crane

ManufacturerMagic Play
Product's availabilitypre-order
Dimensions (DxWxH)95 x 85 x 205cm
Packing95 x 85 x 205cm
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Description UFO Crane

UFO Crane known and proven housing, identical to the one from the Drop The Prize device, has been equipped with a plush gripper and a ball feeder, making it a slot machine in which no player will leave empty-handed. A very large capacity will allow you to put dozens of stuffed animals of various sizes into it. A brightly lit slot machine with clearly displayed mascots is a guarantee that every child will want to play it.

UFO Crane is made of the highest quality, waterproof materials, ensuring the stability and durability of the machine, ensuring that it will be in perfect condition for a very long time. The unique design and colors of the machine effectively catch the eye and make almost no child resist it and will certainly come closer to check what treasures are hidden inside. UFO Crane is entirely Polish production.