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Ninja Hockey (Skate)


Product specification - Ninja Hockey (Skate)

Dimensions (DxWxH)238 x 128cm x 80cm
Packing242 x 138cm x 49cm
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Description Ninja Hockey (Skate)

Air Hockey Ninja Hockey (Skate) is a reliable machine that provides incredible entertainment whatever the weather, thanks to a special drainage system on the playing field that makes it completely waterproof.

This well-known and proven Air Hockey Skate design has now been decorated with brand new, ninja sword-sharp graphics, giving it a unique touch.

Ninja Hockey (Skate) offers a host of features, including an illuminated playing field, sound and light effects during play, and a display indicating the number of credits, points earned and time remaining in the game.

In addition, the machine is equipped with a programmable electronic slot (1, 2, 5zł), four bouncers and six pucks, ensuring an even more enjoyable game for all participants.