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Air Hockeys

Air Hockeys

The opportunity to spend time with friends while playing together is appreciated by all those looking for experiences that can be shared. This form of entertainment includes a social game of Air Hockey. It provides many hours of fun for several people.

Our offer includes Air Hockey tables in different versions, which makes it easier to choose the right model. We provide machines both of our own production and those of other renowned brands, such as SEGA (thematically linked to the image of Sonic, the company's mascots). Thanks to this, our offer is more complete than other proposals available on the domestic market.

The game is based on bouncing the pucks in such a way as to make them reach the pockets on the opponent's side. Simple rules make the game suitable for everyone, regardless of age category. The opportunity to face a real opponent is also an opportunity to show off.

The Air Hockey table is stable and durable, and we have models adapted for outdoor use, which can be useful especially in summer, during the tourist season. The water resistance in this case is crucial, and in this respect also the different types of Air Hockey table are created. No less important is the look - the tables are made in a varied style, which is designed to attract the eye and encourage customers to actively use the equipment. Moreover, they are easy to keep clean and very cheap to use due to their low power consumption.

As far as Air Hockey is concerned, rental is also possible. We make such a service available by prior arrangement. This game will certainly add variety to any social events, such as integration meetings. Air hockey for rent will not affect the budget of the entire event and will allow participants to have a relaxing time.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer of Air Hockey tables at attractive prices. If you are interested in a particular product, please contact us by phone or e-mail and will be more  than happy to provide you with all the details concerning the order, including the date of its realization.