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Blocky Hockey


Product specification - Blocky Hockey

Dimensions (DxWxH)6ft. (199 x 107 x 85cm)
Packing6ft. (210 x 115 x 50cm)
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Description Blocky Hockey

With the youngest in mind
Thanks to the lowered playing field (lower legs are used than in standard cymballs) and its optimally adjusted dimensions, even three-year-old children can play well.

The MAGIC has a colourful and child-friendly design that attracts the attention of the youngest players.


perforated playing field made of polycarbonate
Striking LED backlighting on the playing field and legs
electronic score display for both players
Illuminated plexiglass partition dividing the playing field
RM5 or NRI electronic chip slot machine
air supply by means of a 260 W fan located inside the table
power supply 230 V/50Hz
power consumption: 60 W in DEMO mode, 130 W in game mode
accessories: 4 bouncers, 6 discs
warranty: 12 months for businesses, 24 months for consumers