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Go Go Basketball (twins)


Product specification - Go Go Basketball (twins)

Dimensions (DxWxH)192 x 156 x 234cm
Power230/115V 500W
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Description Go Go Basketball (twins)

UDC presents Go Go Basketball, our two-player arcade-style mini-basketball game for kids of all ages! With a smaller, compact footprint, allowing it to be played by younger players and fit more easily into any arcade. Featuring a large HD screen behind the basket for interactive and immersive gameplay. 100% skill-based gameplay.

With two positions, players can compete with friends or play alone. There are 3 difficulty levels available. As the game progresses, the basket moves away from the player and moves during gameplay, requiring more and more skill to score points before time runs out.

It can be played with or without the payment of tickets to exchange for prizes. Can be played for tickets or simply for fun. Equipped with two multi-functional coin mechanisms, 2 ticket dispensers. Compatible with the card system.