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The best classic pong Atari table

There is wide range of possibilities when it comes to free time entertainment that is dedicated for home or entertainment centres. A new life of an old game that was popular many years ago is a special offer in this area. Do you want to know what interesting can be found on the market? This game table can provide long-time fun for smaller and bigger players.

Pong cocktail table – another attraction to your business

The owners of entertainment centres know that they can choose among different relaxing and time-consuming possibilities that could attract their clients. Those, interested in seeking for real occasions, should take a look at a game table inspired by a popular Atari game. It can be a great solution, not only to use in smaller or bigger entertainment centres. It is also dedicated to lounges or spaces in the restaurants that want to offer something more than just food. Magic Play can provide you with a pong cocktail table that has adjustable height and a few levels for players. Beginners, as well as experienced players, can spend a long time at relaxing play. It is a great offer for entrepreneurs looking for creative solutions to their businesses and ways to make their clients stay for longer. This model is created to meet the needs of demanding clients, but it is not all a real Atari fan can expect.

Pong coffee table – not only for entertainment centres

Cocktail table is not everything, another interesting solution inspired by classical Atari game is pong coffee table (,401) that gives new dimension to this old game. It doesn’t have any digital software, as some would expect - this entertainment machine is based on motors, rails, pulleys and magnets. It is a fascinating proposal not only for cafés, restaurants or amusement centres, but also for private houses. This atari pong table can turn into designer coffee table that would surely become an entertaining element of house décor. It could be located in the living room or in the teenagers' kingdom. It will surely charm the guest, especially if they love Atari game. Furthermore, it’s an interesting option to mix the passion to machine games with an everyday product – for some people it could be just a perfect coffee table.

Great amusement machines

There is wide range of possibilities on the amusement machines market, although most of them are dedicated to business, some can find their place in private houses. If you are a fun of Atari pong or entertainment centre owner, this table can be a great idea for you. It is good to buy such product from experienced company that specializes in games machines and is known in the market. Magic Play that offers many amusement machines for adults and children, for example atari pong table is one of them. Choosing such provider goes in line with professional service and advisory if needed. If you would like to learn more about professional solution for your own home or company, you can always get in touch.