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Top 10 coin op gaming machines

The list of the game machines operating on coins is really long. This type of games has been popular for many years and everybody can have his favourite one. In different periods of time, various options were the most popular. Even now, it would be hard to say, what should be in the first place. So, this is a space where you can read something about our best choices.

Amusement games – what to choose?

What to decide when you want to play a machine game and what to choose when you would like to buy one to your business as restaurant, café, entertainment centre or any other place. What would your clients like? If you have no idea, let yourself get inspired by our ranking. What can you find in it? Something for smaller, something for bigger, something scary and something pleasant.

1. Lucky Numbers

Our number one is Lucky numbers game – a classic in this business, but in new refreshed version to win tickets. The use is simple – you only have to press the START button and then stop at the desired place.

2. House of Zombies

This is a great and demanding game – you had to shout to zombies that appear for a very short time. House of Zombies requires reflex and strong concentration. It definitely helps to forget about the whole world and relax.

3. Ninja challenge

This is a great game, giving you a chance to check if you can gain the skill those great warriors had. Who wouldn’t like to have some extra powers, especially in a game? Great fun for people different age.

4. Pizza express

Number two is Pizza express – great combination of video game with mechanical gameplay, and the task is to make a pizza out of available ingredients. Could there be anything better for pizza lovers, and is there anyone who doesn’t like pizza? Yes, we know, there are such people, but rest of them can be delighted with this culinary fun.

5. Lucky ducky

After fighting with zombies, it can be funny to have some game with ducks. Lucky ducky is a water machine play that can provide fun foremost for children, but also older can have a fun with sending ducks back home using a water pistol.

6. PAC-MAN Battle Royale DX

PAC MAN is probably the most famous arcade game, this time in big and excellent form. Four players can fight for the win, who will be the best? Is there anyone who has never heard about PAC MAN? Simple, competitive game that can addict, and the machine can become a central point in your entertainment centre.

7. Lane master

Combines the physical fun of a traditional bowling lane with the flexibility of a video game. Great chance to get some exercise, inspired by real bowling game, but Lane master doesn’t require as big investment as with real bowling alley.

8. Ticket Mountain

This is a very popular machine hidden under this mysterious name. Better version of the popular crane that can be found not only in amusement centres. Very attractive machine for many people, who would like to pick up the chosen toy. It gives a chance to win.

9. Barrel of laughs

This game can be played solo or in two, and it provides fun based on clown-themes. Player's aim is to hit ten targets within a limited time. Can be great fun for people all age or families looking for nice entertainment.

10. Duo drive

Finally, it’s a simple and easy video game dedicated for kids. Can be used by one or two players at the same time, and they can choose between motorbike and car. This can be a great race and great fun.

Amusement games

The search for a perfect games machine can seem to cause some trouble, especially when somebody already starts its adventure with combining business with this type of entertainment. Amusement games can be a great way to make your business more attractive. It’s always a good idea to find an experienced manufacturer or distributor, that will help you to make the best decision. Great place to find interesting entertainment machine for example lucky numbers game that will be good investment is Magic Play (,1) a company created with love and passion to such products.