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Top 5 amusement machines for kids

There are plenty of entertainment machines for kids available on the market. They aim to provide fun to the youngest and can be treated as reward, motivation or just a way of spending time. Which one could be the best for your business? The decision is always yours, but you can get yourself inspired by our recommendations.

1.Car school

Almost every child has a dream about driving a car, and this machine can make it come true. It can be a very first step behind the wheel in fully safe and controlled conditions. Our number one will surely be great fun for children different age. These machines can be located not only in different amusement centers because this is a great option to be placed in a shop, restaurant, shopping center. Some parents would love the idea of having a chance to negotiate with the youngest during the shopping – it could be a nice reward for a cooperation. Probably all caretakers know what that mean. There is also a possibility to leave a child with one parent there and let the other do what is supposed to do.

2.Big ship

Great proposal for little adventurers, who would like to feel like a real captain - it could be loved by girls and boys. Does anyone want to be a captain for a while? If yes, this is the perfect place. And where to put such a machine? Almost everywhere, not only in the entertainment center or in a shopping mall. It could be an interesting idea to locate it in a shop or restaurant to make this place more attractive to parents or caretakers, who have or want to have the child with them while going shopping or meeting friends.

3.Tower Fighting

Our number three takes a water shooting machine, provided not only children, but also bigger players. They would surely love the fascinating design, created to guarantee fun with water, but without all the mess created with it. This castle inspired machine can be a great proposal to any entertainment center. An interesting design and comfortable display will provide a great fun for longer. This game machine is also available as a version for two players with bigger screen, so it could turn into entertainment for colleagues or family members.

4. Sweet Crane

A machine that combines fun and education, created for kids, but can be fun as well for adults. Activated with coins, works like a real crane created to get points. The task consists of putting the balls into three holes that are located on the right side of the working area. Can be delivered with or without ticker dispenser according to the client's needs. The first option could be recommended for amusement centers, where a player can play to win many tickets and then have a chance to exchange them for rewards. When it comes to such objects as shopping mall or restaurants, this function wouldn’t be needed.

5. Julietta

How about a motorbike ride that combines ride and video game? Children would love our number five because they would have a Julietta’s company during this ride.  It’s something more than just a car or plane for singe users. This machine can be a great proposal among kiddie rides to any place where such attractions for children can be needed. It could be successfully placed not only in amusement center but also in shopping mall, where it will surely attract younger users.

How to make a good choice?

When it comes to the decision about kiddie rides, the list of possibilities is quite long. Choosing a solid provider is a guarantee of high-quality product and professional support. A good solution is to have a real partner in this business as Magic Play. If you are looking for something new or want to start this business, it’s a good idea to take a look at kiddie rides offered by this experienced company. You will find many machines there, dedicated to children of different age. There are water shooting machines, video gamers, riddles and different cranes and many others, all created to provide fun for the youngest and give business opportunities for entrepreneurs.